Jeff Shepherd in Lafayette

by Carl Abernathy on January 10, 2018

Jeff Shepherd embodies the spirit of country legends of days gone by. His songs are sweet, reflective, heartbreaking. And they never fail to move me.

Tuesday his show at People’s Brewing seemed even more poignant. His voice quivered just a bit more with every painful lyric. His voice tiptoed softly through landmines of romantic battlefields.

Turns out that Jeff was hit by a car Monday as he was walking back to his car, which had slipped off the road in the snow in northern Indiana. A hit-and-run driver. He shouldn’t have played.

After his last set, Jeff almost collapsed. But while he played, you forgot where you were. He took you along every dark rode he’s ever traveled. The roads were dark, winding, sometimes scary. And there aren’t many musicians I’d rather travel with.

Some photos:

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